Salsa Dancing into the Social Sciences: Research in an Age of Info-glut

Author: Kristin Luker

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Paperback: 336 pages

Publisher: Harvard University Press (April 10, 2010)

Language: English

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1. Introduction

“You might think that dancing doesn’t have a lot to do with social research, and doing social research is probably why you picked this book up in the first place. But trust me. Salsa dancing is a practice as well as a metaphor for a kind of research that will make your life easier and better.” Savvy, witty, and sensible, this unique book is both a handbook for defining and completing a research project, and an astute introduction to the neglected history and changeable philosophy of modern social science. In this volume, Kristin Luker guides novice researchers in: ,Knowing the difference between an area of interest and a research topic ,Defining the relevant parts of a potentially infinite research literature ,Mastering sampling, operationalization, and generalization ,Understanding which research methods best answer your questions ,Beating writer’s block Most important, she shows how friendships, non-academic interests, and even salsa dancing can make for a better researcher. “You know about setting the kitchen timer and writing for only an hour, or only 15 minutes if you are feeling particularly anxious. I wrote a fairly large part of this book feeling exactly like that. If I can write an entire book 15 minutes at a time, so can you.”

2. Comment

2.1 By Joanna McPherson on August 19, 2015

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This book is a great way to brush up or be introduced into qualitative research short of reading a text book. The writing style is extremely engaging. It only took me a week to read, but what I learned in the book will stay with me for years!

2.2 By russell1030 on June 28, 2015

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This book is a quick and enjoyable read. Luker provides great tips for conducting qualitative research and how to think about research in general. I highly recommend this book for students beginning their research career.

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