Basic Research Methods: An Entry to Social Science Research

Author: Gerard Guthrie

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Paperback: 252 pages

Publisher: SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd; 1 edition (July 14, 2010)

Language: English

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1. Introduction

This book offers a comprehensive and rounded view of research as a tool for logical problem-solving. It is built on the philosophical-pragmatic foundation that the value of knowledge and research methodologies lies in their usefulness in engaging with the real world. Synthesizing both positivist and non-positivist methodologies, this book is for students who are undertaking their first social science research course or their first research project. The techniques are basic ones, but many masters and doctoral research studies use them. From an experiential base, students would be able to build a more advanced conceptual and theoretical understanding of research through further reading and practice.

2. Comment

2.1 By P.S. on February 4, 2013

Chapters are short, easy to read, very basic, and straight to the point. It has great examples in addition to the step-by-step methods and it is written in an informal tone that is easy to understand.

2.2 By Brandon A. Steele on May 13, 2015

The book is shorter than other texts, but the author doesn't waste space so you are not missing out on any of the basic knowledge. For each topic, he also presents examples to illustrate his points. I thought this was very useful. He also gives recommendations for further reading if the reader wanted more expansive coverage of a given topic. Overall, a very good introduction to research methods.

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